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As any new business, fashion startup needs focus, dedication and smart allocation of resources from the very beginning. Besides that, nowadays it requires active social presence, transparency, and sustainability.

In this section, you can enjoy all the resources and information on starting a fashion company.  I gathered all this for you to help you with your newly born fashion label. Of course, it will take time to make this library comprehensive. For that, stay tuned and interactive – I want to hear more of your stories.

As a starting fashion designer too, I know how it’s hard to find all the answers. Some are scattered around the web, others need to be adapted to the fashion industry or just be learned on the way. Moreover, you have no time for that. You are probably all alone or with a very small team and a never-ending list of tasks, all of which are urgent and important.  I know that frustration. You can check my journey in my Super-Power Blog.

So please, help yourself 😉